Media Appearances by Jeroen van den Hoven

Jeroen van den Hoven appointed as Chair Data Ethics Committee UWV (Government organisation with 20.000 employees that deals with Social Benefist in The Netherlands)

Jeroen van den Hoven, professor of Ethics and Technology at TU Delft and chairman of the Data Ethics Committee, likes to stand with 'the boots in the mud'. 'The stakes are high at UWV: nearly 20,000 people work on a crucial dimension of our society: social security. More than 10 million Dutch citizens pay social security contributions, a large number of which make direct use of UWV services. This is about something.' (DUTCH)

GIZMODO: What’s the Most Dangerous Emerging Technology?

What’s the most dangerous emerging technology? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts to find out. Quote: “What makes synthetic biology the most dangerous emerging technology isn’t the science—it’s us humans.”
Jeroen van den Hoven
Professor, Ethics and Technology, Delft University of Technology, and the co-author of Evil Online

Start PhD research Joost Mollen on Ethics and Technology

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and drones bring new ethical issues. Can a drone film civilians? Do citizens want that? These and many other interesting questions were discussed on 11 February during the webinar 'Ethics and technology in the public sector'.

The webinar focused on the collaboration between TU Delft and the province of Zuid-Holland and the upcoming research of PhD candidate Joost Krijn Mollen into ethics and technology at the province. Jeroen van den Hoven is the promotor of Joost Krijn Mollen.