Media Appearances by Jeroen van den Hoven

Responsible Digital Innovation

When are new innovations good and which ethical preconditions are needed? Should we allow YouTube to analyze your viewing behavior and show you new content to keep you online as long as possible? These topics and more in a podcast that De Nationale Denktank recorded with prof. Van den Hoven. IN DUTCH

Far Reaching Digitization “Requires New Way of Looking”

The failure at telecom provider KPN, with unreachable emergency numbers, has shocked the Netherlands. The dependence on communication networks became painfully visible: do we not rely too much on digitization and, in particular, on the government? Jeroen van den Hoven, professor of ethics and technology at TU Delft, believes that far-reaching digitization requires "a new way of looking". Because: "it won't get any simpler". IN DUTCH

The Urgency of Innovation Ethics

Technological development - especially digitization - is currently difficult to keep up with. Public values such as democracy, sustainability, privacy and transparency are at stake. "More than ever, we must be aware of the ethical dimension of innovation," says Professor Jeroen van den Hoven. Nevertheless is innovation with an eye for social values is quite possible. The magazine can be bought at: Tijdschrift Milieu February 2019 (IN DUTCH)