Media Appearances by Jeroen van den Hoven

Facebook takes over WhatsApp

"You wait until people are fully accustomed to your service, what do I say, almost addicted, and then you will exploit it. We call this a 'Lock-in'". Said professor Jeroen van den Hoven in De Volkskrant about the moment Facebook chose to buy WhatsApp. IN DUTCH

The ethics of Artificial Intelligence

What does a self-driving car do in a situation where a colussion is unavoidable? "I once talked about it with Sebastian Thrun, the man who was responsible at Google for the self driving car project. The question of how such an autonomous system will react in specific dilemmas seemed less relevant to him." said Professor Jeroen van den Hoven in AG Connect in an interview about the development of AI. IN DUTCH

Responsible robotics

"It has not been in the DNA of engineers and financiers in the past." said Professor Jeroen van den Hoven in an interview with on responsible robotics. IN DUTCH

Privacy in the Age of Big Data

Personal information has become increasingly accessible online. What information is out there about you? Are you aware of what others know about you? What can others do with this information? An increasing use of information technologies challenges us to rethink whether our privacy is potentially at risk and what we should do to create sufficient protection. Professor Jeroen van den Hoven will answer these questions in a lecture for Stadium Generale of Maastricht University about Privacy in the Age of Big Data.

Killer Robots – NOS

Professor Jeroen van den Hoven on the NOS on 'killer robots' and the wanted ban by peace movement Pax: "The challenge is to look at how you can design the systems so that it can be guaranteed that there will remain human control and responsibility." IN DUTCH