News on Jeroen van den Hoven

WHO: Ethics & AI for COVID-19 response – ethical considerations for contact tracing Apps

Jeroen van den Hoven contributed as a member of expertsgroup WHO to the interim guidance. this interim guidance is intended to inform public health programmes and governments that are considering whether to develop or implement digital proximity tracking technologies for COVID-19 contact tracing. The document covers ethical principles, technical considerations and requirements that are consistent with these principles; and how to achieve equitable and appropriate use of such technologies.

Appointment Advisory Board of The Netherlands Bar

Professor Jeroen van den Hoven has been appointed as a member of the advisory board of the The Netherlands Bar. The Board of Delegates has approved the appointment of Van den Hoven at which he will start from 1 April 2019. Professor jeroen van den Hoven has been appointed for a term of four years. IN DUTCH